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By: Heather Rhodes

My husband was so proud of himself. We have only been married a short time (second marriage for both of us), and have been looking for a way to get out of the house and do something together that we both enjoyed. We tried biking together and although it was fun, there weren’t many places nearby that we could bike.

Biking with my husband is fun, but not many trails here.

Being the problem solver that he is, my husband formulated a secret plan, and executed it with perfection. He had played golf as a kid with his dad, and had won a few tournaments before heading into the Navy. Life got busy and his golf clubs disappeared as so many things do over time. We drive past golf courses every day on our way to work, and it recently struck him how much he missed playing. This line of thought led him to make my “birthday” purchase: A new set of golf clubs.

Me: Golf clubs? Honey, I don’t play golf.
Hubs: You do now!

Although I’ve never played golf, he seems to think I’ll be a good player. I did play college basketball back in the day, and have retained some eye hand coordination over the years, so it can’t be that hard, right? I’m excited to invade this male dominated sport and see what I can do. We will go to Shoal Creek Golf course to  practice at the driving range. However, I’m told there is a dress code (what??), so I have to do some shopping before I can put my toes on the green.

Golf courses have dress codes. I need some new digs.

The first challenge: Where does one buy cute golf clothing?  I visited a few local sporting goods stores last night and found the pickings slim. Most of the golf clothes I found are for very small women, who have never had babies, and haven’t hit the metabolism “wall” that happens after  you turn 40. Let’s be real here. I’m not a 19 year old with a 20 inch waist line. I need fashionable golf clothes that look like they fit so no one tries to guess my weight (Seriously, people don’t care what the size says on the tag. They only care if your clothes fit you, cover you, and look nice.).  After visiting multiple stores and digging through displays, I found something appropriate that I could wear at our local Dicks Sporting Goods : a shirt with a solid color (plain green) and a cute little skort.

I love the color green.

I’m super excited about venturing into a new sport, meeting new people, and having fun! Can’t wait to get to the driving range!