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One of our most asked questions at Golfswapper is, “How do I add distance to my drive?” Whether it is human nature to want to hit the ball further than you could before. Or maybe it is an easy way to measure progress in your golf game. Whatever the reason one of the most effective ways to quickly add distance to your drive is to make sure that you have clubs that fit your stature. It was found that almost four out of five golfers are using clubs that are not their ideal length.

Usually, the driver is too long, but sometimes length needs to be added as well. Doing a club fitting to your current set can make certain that your clubs are perfect for your particular swing. If eighty percent of us are golfing with the wrong size clubs it is fair to say that club fitting is an underutilized service in the golfing community. Today, Golfswapper would like to discuss club fitting and how you can benefit from a correctly-sized driver.

What Increases Drive Distance?

It is widely accepted today that the single greatest contributor to distance is clubhead speed. For each one mile per hour in clubhead speed, a driver distance increases by approximately 2.8 yards. While that does not sound like a huge difference if you are golfing with someone who has a speed of just ten miles per hour faster than yours, they’re getting close to thirty yards off the tee box that you are not. That difference can equate change a comfortable 7-iron to a more difficult 4-iron shot.

How to Increase Club Head Speed?

The old adage that the longer the shaft the faster your club head speed may actually not be true. Or at least not true in every situation. Generally, you will only see a benefit of a longer shaft if you have a late unhinging of your wrist during the downswing. Every golfer achieves their maximum swing speed as they complete their downswing. With a longer length club, there is a higher point of inertia and an increase in stress on the swing path and release.

Your Athletic Ability

If you have are an above-average athlete, with a late wrist release, a smooth swing, and control of your swing timing than a club fitting that extends your shaft can be a great benefit to your distance.

For most of us with an early-to-midway release or an average athletic ability a shorter shaft will actually be a better club fitting for you. Not only will the latter achieve similar club head speeds with a shorter shaft but will also have better control of your drives.

An off-center hit that is twenty yards into the rough is always going to be worse than a slightly shorter drive that ends on the fairway.  

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