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Golf Club Grips

Let’s talk about choosing the right grips. Grip is everything. Right? Buying used drivers from GolfSwapper comes with a lot of benefits. What about the grips? You don’t have to shell out a lot of money, you get high-quality clubs, and you get a wide selection to choose from. There are, however, small things you must take into consideration when purchasing used drivers anywhere.

One of these considerations is the driver’s grip. Though not all of us can afford the personalized grips the pros use, we should all try to find the grip perfect for our hands and our game. Before you buy your used driver at GolfSwapper, think about these factors in deciding which one is the right one for you.

Grip Size

People come in all shapes and sizes and so do their hands. This means we need different grips to suit our different hands. What fits my hand might not fit yours. If you want to hit that perfect, consistent drive that you’ve been working on, you’ll need a grip to match your hands. To get an idea of the right grip size for you, measure your hand from the crease of your wrist to the tip of your middle finger.

If your hand measured 7 inches or less, you will want an undersized grip. If your hand measured between 7 inches and 8¼  inches, you will want a standard grip. If your hand measured between 8¼ inches and 9¼ inches, you will want a jumbo grip. If the jumbo grip doesn’t do it for you, you can wrap your club with tape for added grip.

Grip Types

New grip technologies can change your game in small but substantial ways. From shock-absorbing grips to soft grips to lightweight grips, there is sure to be the perfect grip for your game.

Don’t let the grip on your used drivers dictate how you play. If you want to feel the ball better, consider a lightweight grip, which lowers the driver’s balance point and will give you more of a feel for your driver. A grip with cord gives you control in wet weather and combats slippage from sweaty hands. There are a wide variety of other grips that can help you find the perfect hand positioning.

Don’t let your used drivers continue to be someone else’s. Make them your own by adding a grip that benefits the way you golf.

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