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Golf is a complex game that requires skills in a lot of different areas. No one is surprised when first-timers shoot 30 over par. All students of the game need to learn how to keep their drives on the fairway while hitting the ball a great distance, but by far the most technical skills come down to putting.

At almost any golf course, you can see players tapping the ball around the hole. Putting is where you’ll see frustrated faces and players doing their best not to scream. If there is one area of your game that you should consider golf lessons for, it’s in putting.

How to Improve Your Short Game

There are techniques and mechanics to putting, but your stroke isn’t everything once you get on the green. Even after perfecting their touch and putting stroke, many golfers find themselves missing that rare birdy opportunity or turning a par into a double bogey.

One of the best golf lessons available to improve your putting accuracy actually has to do with reading the green. In this blog, GolfSwapper will lay out some strategies for analyzing the green and determining just where and how hard to tap the ball.

Check Your Depth Perception

Many golf lessons focus on how to read the slope of the green and teach you how to adjust your shot with the slope in mind. But what if you can’t accurately determine where the hole even is? This might sound like a silly question, but most people struggle to discern depth even from a direct vantage point.

Take a moment to step away from the ball. Make sure to stand equal distance between your shot and the hole, making a triangle between you, the ball, and the flag. This will help you gauge exactly how far the ball is from the hole.

Give Yourself a Horizontal Line to Judge the Green

No one can simply glance at a green and offer a perfect reading of it. You see even the most seasoned pros doing all kinds of things on the green to check the slope. The best golf lessons on putting will tell you to find some way to judge the slope of the green against a straight horizontal line.

You can do this by comparing the green to the line of the clubhouse roof or some other structure in the background. Or you can place your hands above your eyebrows like a visor. Use the horizontal line created by your fingers to judge the slope of the green.

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