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Driver and Golf Ball

Many new players think the length of a drive depends entirely on brute force. You have probably seen them out there, or you have been this player yourself. They stand above the tee and swing as hard as they can. They don’t put much of their body into the swing, but they think their brawny arms can do all the work. This simply won’t get you the results you need. Taking golf lessons on improving your swing will show that technique, rather than strength, gives you the real advantage.

Use Your Hips to Generate Speed

You don’t get all the speed and distance by using your burly biceps to smash the ball into the distance. Using the natural tension in your body and your hips allows you to create a smooth stroke that produces power, without forcing you to tense up your arms.

Taking golf lessons will help you learn exactly how to let your hips push forward right before your shoulders. You should let your shoulders and upper body perform the backswing, then start the downswing in your hips and left arm. With the proper golf lessons and dedicated practice, this will give you a controlled and smooth stroke that will produce a lot of distance on your drive.

Widen Your Swing Arc

The speed of the ball depends on the speed of the driver’s head as it swings through the ball. You can increase the acceleration of your driver’s head by widening your swing arc. The best golf lessons will go over how to best do this, but you can think about extending your left arm (for right-handed players) on the backswing as a solid starting point.

You want to push the club away from your shoulder. Think about your swing as a half circle. The bigger that circle, the faster the speed of your driver when you make contact with the ball and the further the ball will travel. To perfect this swing, you might need serious golf lessons from GolfSwapper.

Improve Your Game with Golf Lessons from GolfSwapper

No one learns the proper way to play golf overnight. This game takes years and years of patience, practice, and experience. Golf lessons can drastically improve your ability in a short period of time.

At GolfSwapper, we offer lessons to help your game in all the key areas. You will also find high-quality used drivers, used putters, and used irons. If you need to sell some old equipment, you can also call us. Stop by GolfSwapper to fulfill all your golfing needs.

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