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Choosing The Right Club

Choosing the right club for the right situation is one of the more difficult aspects of the game that beginners run into. This is, in large part, caused by lack of preparation.

Clubs do not have a specified range, as their distance is based largely on your skill. Your first move after purchasing a set of clubs is to head to a driving range to test out your distance. If you hit a three wood 160 yards on a good solid, straight shot take note of that. Most clubs differ from 10 to 15 yards per number, but again this is subject to ability.

Put in the practice to learn your average distance and you will begin to make better decisions on the course. Today, Golfswapper has a few guidelines regarding club choice to help you get started.

Golfswapper Golf Club Guidelines

Drivers – The driver is typically the longest club in your bag. You generally use it to start the hole with a drive from, unless you are on a short par 3. While the driver is the longest club, it is also the most difficult to hit. Many people recommend using a 3 wood to tee off as it has more control when you are a beginner. Golfswapper recommendation: Use whatever you are comfortable with, but drivers with higher degrees (12 to 14) tend to be easier to hit while sacrificing a bit of distance and can be just right for beginners.

Fairway Woods – Fairway woods are numbered by their loft, lower numbers indicate a lower loft and longer distance. The 3 wood has lower loft and longer distance than the 5 wood, for instance. Most golfers carry at least two woods like a 3 wood for long clean fairway shots and a 5 wood for shorter fairway shots. Golfswapper recommendation: Even if you have a long way to the hole, avoid using your fairway woods on difficult lies. Generally, a long or mid-iron will get you a more reliable shot.

Mid Irons – These clubs are a golfer’s bread and butter. The 5, 6, and 7 irons will likely be your most used clubs and are used from middle fairway shots to short roughs. Golfswapper recommendation: Get very comfortable with your 5-iron. It has enough loft to get you out of trouble spots and can be a reliable club once you are comfortable with it.

Short Irons – The short-irons (8,9) are used when close to the hole and on chip shots. These irons have the most loft and are designed to get the ball up in the air and to settle on the green. Golfswapper recommendation: Practice using your short-irons on chips shots when you are around a dozen yards from the hole. Chip shots once mastered are generally more reliable than putting from the rough.

Wedges – Your wedges (P, S, A) are clubs with the highest loft in your bag. P is your pitching wedge, S is your sand wedge, and A is your approach wedge. Each wedge has varying lofts and they are excellent for when you need control from a difficult lie. Golfswapper recommendation: Many golfers use these clubs interchangeably and it is okay to use your P for sand shots and your S for pitch shots. There is no fixed rule, use what is most comfortable for you.

Hybrids are a relatively new type of club. Instead of being a wood or an iron, they are a mix of the two and have the benefit of distance while being easier to control than your long-irons. Golfswapper recommendation: Invest in a hybrid club to add to your bag as a beginner and you will have a reliable distance club that can be used in many situations.

Putter – Your most important club and one you will use on (nearly) every hole. There are generally three types of putters: blade, heel-toe, or mallet style. They all come in varying shaft lengths as well so there is a large variation in putting styles. Golfswapper recommendation: Try out multiple styles to find the right fit. Finding the right putter can make all the difference in your short game.

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