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Approach Shot

Beginners and players working out the initial kinks of their game tend to focus on putting and driving. When it comes to the highest level players, nothing helps lower scores like perfecting approach shots. Taking golf lessons to improve the accuracy of your approach shot can take your game to a new level. It could be the difference between getting par or not.

What Is An Approach Shot?

The term “approach shot” indicates any shot a player wishes to make from the fairway to the green with a full swing. Most approach shots take place between 100 and 200 yards from the hole.

These shots vary a lot depending on the slope of the green, the wind conditions, and the club you choose to use. Because there are so many elements in play with an approach shot, most players would benefit from golf lessons.

What to Focus On?

Approach shots require you to take a lot of different factors into consideration. In order to hit a great approach shot, you will need to get a good look at the green and take stock of the wind conditions. You will also need to accurately calculate the distance between you and the hole.

With shorter shots onto the green, often pitches or chips, you might need to calculate the spin you need to put on the ball. But when it comes to a full-swing approach shot, your biggest concern will be choosing the right iron to get the ball to the green.

Typical Mistakes

Oddly enough, GolfSwapper finds more people who need approach shot golf lessons to improve their distance than their accuracy. Most mid-level players undershoot the green when hitting an approach shot. They can typically get the ball lined up with the green, but they often fall just short of getting it there.

With our golf lessons, you will learn how to best judge the distance to the green, the meteorological conditions, and the right iron to play. With these new skills, you will hit the green with more precision than ever before.

Why Work on Approach Shots Anyway?

You can work on your puts and drives all day long, but if you can’t get it to the green, your score will suffer. Data shows that most 90 and 80 score players lose out to the best players on their approach game, not their putting. It’s an important and often overlooked part of the game. If you want to become the best golfer you can, improving your approach is a great way to make your game well rounded.

GolfSwapper Offers Golf Lessons

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