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TopGolf is an outdoor location where everyone can have fun and enjoy hitting balls in a relaxed and fun environment. Big nets, big points, good food and always fun. Look for a TopGolf location ear you and enjoy.

“Golf is good for the soul. You get so mad at yourself you forget to hate your enemies.”

-Will Rogers

“I know I am getting better at golf because I am hitting fewer spectators.”

-Gerald R. Ford

What do you get when you take a fun group experience like say, bowling, add great food and drinks, music, party games, dartboard targets, and a microchipped ball that keeps score and instant feedback on accuracy and distance and mix it all together? They call it TopGolf, and if you haven’t heard of it, you will soon enough.

Entrepreneurship at its finest.

From the shared brainchild of twin brothers in the UK, Steve and Dave Jolliffe, the idea to sell entertainment in the form of golf technology faced numerous rejections. Many didn’t understand their forward-thinking creation back in the early 2000s. Most asked: How could using chip technology in golf balls be fun?

Determined not to give up, the two ended up getting big backers. This started a global revolution around golf technology and TopGolf was born.

Growth in the mid-2000s.

By 2011, the idea that TopGolf was less a sport and more an experience was when Erik Anderson got involved. Recognizing the innovative type of play and blending technology with entertainment, he knew that golf would become a social experience for golfers and non-golfers alike. You certainly wouldn’t find this type of play at your local driving range. More like the comradery you get when bowling.

Fueled by food and drinks and moved by music and a live party-like atmosphere, TopGolf has taken golf from the stodgy clubhouse to a party in the penthouse.

Fun for all.

Today, TopGolf has hit its stride. The idea of making golf fun for people of all ages and levels took off. I haven’t seen a better blend of marketing digital experiences, live entertainment, and unadulterated ingenuity than when I review what TopGolf offers.

Let’s take a look at their lineup.

With over 34 venues globally, TopGolf has entertained more than 10.5 million guests.

From Las Vegas to The Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia, every venue features dozens of high-tech, climate-controlled hitting bays for year-round comfort, impressive food and drink menus, and private spaces for groups of any size.

With big-screen HDTVs for sports fans who like to watch and play, TopGolf steps it up a notch by adding an eclectic music mix to get you off your seat and onto your feet.

But wait, there’s more.

Not only do you have fun playing live golf, but you can watch episodes of TopGolf through original content shows, such as TopGolf Chef Showdown and TopGolf Record Breakers. Their YouTube channel has over 70,000 subscribers.

The TopGolf Chef Showdown, now in its fourth season, takes you behind the menu scenes and turns up the heat in the kitchen. Chefs compete for monetary prizes as well as fundraising for their favorite charities.

TopGolf boasts the best pop-up social experiences and the world’s largest digital golf audience. And they’re not just blowing smoke. Check out their hundreds of thousands of posts on Instagram at #topgolf by other IG followers. This isn’t even TopGolf posting. It’s their fans.

What makes TopGolf different?

What’s unique at Topgolf is there’s no pressure to be good. Anybody can swing a club, hit a ball, score some points (or not), and laugh. TopGolf even has an app in the iPhone App Store with a simple motto, “Come play with us.” It’s like everybody’s your next bestie.

Social media marketing.

You can’t scroll through your Instagram feed without seeing the likes of @timtebow (1.7m followers) or @patmcafeeshow (511k followers) showing off hilarious moments at the tee or playing a familiar college game of water (or is it beer?) pong.

TopGolf intrigues its viewership by putting people like Emmy-nominated actor Anthony Anderson from the TV show Black-ish, in front of the camera. You’ll watch as Anthony attempts (does he succeed?) to set the Guinness World Record title by hitting a ball with the longest usable club ever recorded.

With a tagline of “Where the biggest names break the world’s biggest records,” TopGolf’s YouTube views of Anthony are approaching 400,000.

Posting this record-setting event to his social media site on Instagram, @anthonyanderson has garnered 11,720 views. Tell me this isn’t a gold mine of an idea and an originally organic way to attract customers to their venues. I dare you.

And what about TopGolf’s other marketing efforts? The interesting thing is their marketing team recognizes and understands what moves their customers to action. They don’t just highlight stale ‘ole golf records, they create ways to break new ones.

Promotional marketing efforts.

All entertainment venues know to have some sort of theme night in order to consistently and constantly attract new customers. TopGolf is no different.

TopGolf’s promotions include:

  • Hit Music Matchup
  • College Night
  • Bay Share
  • $15 Unlimited Play

TopGolf has smartened up their marketing efforts by seeking to attract younger crowds who are looking for an innovative and different way to spend a weekday night or attend a fun Friday morning “meet-up.”

There is also competitive play offered through TopGolf Leagues. You can Invite your friends and compete for prizes, and hopefully win the title of League Champions. This is an opportunity to improve your golf skills, hang with friends, and meet new ones. With two league formats available, rookies don’t have to fear playing with advanced golfers. There’s room for everyone.

This is the end all/be all.

Can you tell I’m a big fan? Having grown up in the era of Jack Nicklaus, Greg Norman, and Arnie Palmer, I watched generations of greats compete. Golf can be intimidating for those of us who are hackers and who don’t get out on the greens often. TopGolf narrows that gap between novice and pro and with its app tracking, gives us another way to measure our game.

So, speaking of Greg Norman, he’s played at the TopGolf venues and has said Topgolf brought a breath of fresh air to the game of golf.

I concur with The Shark and see the innovation and intrigue TopGolf is bringing to the game, but I don’t think TopGolf is meant to be enjoyed only by the youngins.

So whether you’re 14 or 84, go out and rent a bay, order a chef-inspired meal, turn up the tunes, turn on your app, and let all your senses enjoy.

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