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Golf Swing

My husband and I went back to the driving range last night to hit a few balls. We both were pretty sore (upper body) so we went through some yoga moves before heading out. I love yoga and the way it makes me feel. I’ve been an athlete most of my life, and due to injuries have had to rethink my attitude towards exercise.

Low impact exercise is easier on the joints and still gives me the “burn” that creates endorphins.  Rowing, biking, hiking and yoga are favorites of mine. Adding golf to the mix is exciting and I’m SO glad my hubs is introducing me to the game!

Let’s Get It On

After stretching and warming up with Yoga, we drove to the golf course. I enjoy this time with my husband. He has a really funny sense of humor (that I love) and never lets me get too serious about anything. So here is what our conversation looked like on that drive out:

Me: “I think I want to enter some amateur golf competitions this summer.”

Hubs: “You need to learn to hit the golf ball first. You haven’t played a game yet.”

Me: “I know, but I really want to compete. I think we can win. I miss the competition.”

Hubs: “Let’s take this in small bites. I’ll video your swing today.”

Me: “Seriously, let’s win some tournaments. I want to beat some people at golf.”

Hubs: “You have a great relationship with the rough right now.”

Me: “That sounds nice. What’s the rough?”

Hubs (laughing): “Trees. Tall grass.”

Me (undaunted): “I’m terrible at golf; but not forever. I can learn anything.”

We arrived to a packed parking lot. Sunday evening must be when the club house schedules parties, wedding receptions, etc. It seemed that’s where all the people were as there wasn’t a single person at the driving range. We got our bucket of balls and got settled in our usual spot. Hubs swung a few times. He seems to be falling into step with his swing like when he was younger. I enjoy watching him have fun.

Then I set up to swing. I can hit the ball hard, and make it go straight, but I seem to plough a lot of dirt in the process and my left arm aches after the swing. Hubs gives me advice, coaches me a little on my swing, and videos me. Learning to hit a golf ball is much harder than it looks.

A Lesson? I Don’t Need No Stinking Lesson!

At this point, it is VERY obvious that I need to take lessons. I did watch Gale Peterson‘s  YouTube on how to swing a golf club. She’s really detailed, but the information was too much to absorb all at once. Being an adult and “becoming a child” again so that you can learn is difficult, but necessary. You have to be open to coaching, learning new things, and growing. My dad always said that if you weren’t learning something new every day, you died a little and became closer to death. Nothing motivates me more than that old saying!

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By: Heather Rhodes