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When you establish your account as a seller, you are immediately able to buy and sell items.  Follow these simple steps to get started.

Step 1

Click on the "BE A SELLER" button as shown below.

Step 2

This page appears.  Fill out the provided fields.

Step 3

Fill out the "ADDRESS" tab.  You can have one or more physical addresses but one address is mandatory.

Step 4

The "PAYMENT ACCEPTANCE" Tab is required.  Link your PayPal and Stripe account to your Seller account.  Select "LINK ACCOUNT" for PayPal when ready.  (PayPal is a requirement to sell on Golfswapper.)

PayPal: Fill it in with your PayPal credentials.

After logging in you have completed the Payment setup process.

Step 5 - The Last Step

The "DELIVERY METHODS" Tab is for shipping.  Remove the International Shipping option.  If you do plan to sell Internationally, click here.  The system will calculate the cost for you to ship an item.

-- For more information on Delivery Options click here --

You now enter the Delivery Service you wish to use (UPS, FedEX, USPS) and then a cost for your shipping.

Press "SAVE" and you are ready to start selling on Golfswapper!

You have completed the process!  Congratulations!

Make sure that you offer "fair market value" for your item.

Use this help website to look up a club or accessory to determine where a good starting price might be.

View all of the items on the Golfswapper website and see what others are pricing their items at.

The bottom line: stay within a reasonable range, be flexible, and be willing to negotiate with the buyer when they contact you.

Looking good is important.  You want a buyer to see the visual as much as read the details about your item.  Here are a few tips.
  • Great Pictures.  Ensure the buyer can see clear images of what you are selling.
  • Picture Volume.  Upload as many pictures as necessary.  Ensure the buyer can see the item from different angles.
  • Mobile Phone.  Use your mobile phone then upload those photos directly to your listing.
  • Complete All Fields.  Golfswapper offers many fields of information to ensure the buyer knows all the specifics of your item, especially condition.
  • "Would I Buy It?"  After posting your item make sure that you feel the listing is attractive to you, then the chances to sell your item improve.