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Welcome to Golfswapper. Built by a committed leadership team of golf enthusiasts.


We are passionate to offer you a simple, user-friendly online marketplace to buy and sell golf clubs, golf accessories and find available golf services.


Everyone has something to sell. Clubs in the basement or in the garage. The Golfswapper Team recognized a need for an easier solution for listing online golf products. We hope you agree we’ve found a simple site that is easy, simple and quick.


Lawrence Buck
Chief Executive Officer

Hi, I'm Lawrence Buck, the CEO of Golfswapper.  I am a passionate golfer who decided we needed an easier way to buy and sell golf clubs online. 

Alot of my inspiration for Golfswapper came from my father, who was an avid golfer.  I remember that he was always getting new clubs and had a difficult time selling his old clubs.   We both loved to play golf and said that one day we'd start a golf business.  He passed away in 2012 but when the opportunity came to start a golf business, I had that promise in mind. 

Enjoy the many things we offer.  Connect with us on social media.  Golfswapper is "All Things Golf."   We offer a simple and easy to use website, full of products for sale and new amenities. 

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Brian Borsa
Chief Operating Officer

Over 20 years of executive management experience.

Mike Hoffey
Chief Marketing Officer

My career has included senior-level corporate sales and marketing roles in both the public and private sector.  A proud 15 handicap, I chalk up my poor short game and never-ending slice off the tee box to having a desk job.  I enjoy following new consumer trends and technology innovation as we continually reinvent and dictate the way we operate and communicate in the online world.  The attributes of the Golfswapper Team include a winning attitude, integrity, leadership, and working tirelessly to create an amazing online experience for you.  In my spare time I'm writing the greatest screenplay ever to make it to Hollywood as a first-time, novice writer.